European Jazz and Pop Orchestra

The EJPO is a symphonic orchestra with a rhythm section which takes place once a year for a week. In 2020 the orchestra celebrated its 25th anniversary! In tutti, sectional, ensemble and improvisation courses the technical and musical characteristics of film, jazz and pop music are treated. The repertoire ranges from John Williams to Hans Zimmer, arrangements of pop and rock classics, jazz medleys and live music to short films. Our main focus lies on having an orchestration like a typical classic orchestra, but including huge drums, e-bass and e-piano but specializing on film, rock, pop and modern music as its repertoire.

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Talents and tutors from across Europe

The EJPO consists of approximately 65 talented musicians from all over Austria, Germany, Catalonia, Spain, Italy / South Tyrol, Lithuania and Estonia. Within 6 days the whole program will be rehearsed and afterwards performed in a concert. The workshops are lead by experienced tutors from Austria, Estonia, France, Germany, Spain and Australia.


The following instruments can participate:
Strings  Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass
Woodwinds  Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon
Brass  Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Tuba
Rhythm  Percussion, Drumset, Piano, E-Guitar, E-Bass, Harp, etc.
Fancy secondary instruments are desirable for the ensemble pieces.

Course Fee: 245€
Accomodation with full board: 251€ (optional)
Total: 496€

Additional siblings: 10% off for the course fee

When signing up for the accomodation in the student dorm of the ABZ Lambach you get not only a place to sleep, but leisure time rooms and three meals a day. In the close surrounding of the dorm are tracks for walking and running along with the river Traun and an outdoor swimming pool.

The recommended minimum age for participation is 15 years.
Also adult musicians and younger talents are very welcome!

Be open minded to new playing techniques, interested in new (exercise) methods and show team spirit!

1st Violin  all positions, all bowing techniques, you should be able to play concertos like Haydn C - Major, Mozart G - Major, Beethoven "Spring sonata", Romance in F - Major, etc.
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2nd violin  1st-3rd position, basic bowing techniques, you should be able to play concertos like Accolay Concertino in A - minor, Vivaldi Concertos, Haydn G - Major, etc.
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Viola  1st - 3rd Position, all bowing techniques, i.e.: Händel concerto in B - Minor, Telemann conzerto in G - Major, Fiorillo/Kayser studies, etc.
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Cello  all positions, all bowing techniques, i.e.: Dotzauer studies, W.A. Mozart sonata in Bb flat - Major, Breval conertino in A - Major, Saint-Saens "The Swan", etc.
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Bass  all positions, you should be able to play works like Franz Simandl: 30 studies, Domenico Dragonetti : Solo in D - Minor, Giuseppe Antonio Capuzzi: conzerto f. double bass and orch.- 1.movement.

1st Position  final exam (gold) in music school or basic studies in music university or "Prima la musica" first and second prizes.

2nd Position  2nd exam in music school (silver) or "Prima la musica" first and second prizes.

No problems in reading music (full to 1/16)
At least three of these instruments can be played: drumset, timpani, mallets (tones), triangle, cymbals, bass drum, small drum, congas, bongos

In addition to the rehearsals of orchestra, the register-courses and leisure time, there are going to be also ensembles in the afternoon. Everyone has to choose one of these and add it to the registration.

Felix Theuner established the EJPO Choir as a recreation offer in 2019, which is going to be continues as an ensemble this year. The choir will be combined with the orchestra for the concert and a capella songs will be presented before each concert of the EJPO. Any spirited singers can join. During the week they will work together on the pop choir sound, implementation of groove through body percussion and simple beatbox patterns as well as known and unknown jazz and pop songs.

The main aim of the brass ensemble is on playin traditional and famous music and entertain the audience. Although special breathing and playing techniques are treated.

The string ensemble is in a sense a classical string chamber orchestra set up, but performs written works from different genres. Over the years we have have built up a large repertoire including Phillip Glass, Max Nagl, Allegre Correa, Joanna Lewis, Jazz standards arranged for strings, Beatles and Film Music.

Style: african and oriental music, with beat in 5 or 7 and singers are very welcome. Free space for improvisation.

Jazz methodology for improvisation for all instruments and levels. We work by ear and apply basic improve theory to our instruments. The repertory is depending on the instrumentation.

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The EJPO 2024 will come together from 4th of August 2024 to 11th of August 2024 in Lambach / Upper Austria.

As a conclusion to the workshop, the EJPO presents the „Summernight of Filmmusic“ on Saturday, August 10th, 2024.
concert begin: 20:00

Flößersaal Stadl-Paura
Maximilian-Pagl-Straße 36
4651 Stadl-Paura

star guest:
Gregor Hinterreiter

(Solo clarinettist of the Vienna Philharmonic)

Preview of the Program 2024:

Harry Potter Suite, arr. Jakob Bik
Artie Shaw Clarinet Concerto for Orchestra (YT)
My Neighbour Totoro, Joe Hisaishi (YT)
Gone With the Wind (YT)
Up town Funk for Full Orchestra and Choir
and more...

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The European Jazz and Poporchestra is sponsored by the following organizations.

Paul OTT GmbH
Marktgemeinde Stadl-Paura

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Werner Fait
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4651 Stadl-Paura

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